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We are a liaison between the parents and the school administration! Our goal is to keep open communication while helping organize and create fun events for the whole school community. 

what we do 

Bullet Journal

We want to interact and hear from you! We have 3 meetings a year! This year they will be on 9/4/19, 11/6/19, and 2/19/20

explore more about the meetings and tuition raffle in link above 

meetings and tuition raffle


Our volunteers make the world go round! We have so many cool events! Check out the volunteering information on how to get involved! 


Trying to make life easier by having automated calendar of events for Home and School and RSVP! 

RSVP and Electronic Calendar made easy

Did you know we are getting a digital sign?!? Want to hear our plans for the year and what is new? Check it out here

HASA News! 

Online Shopping

Good news! You can pay for things online ! From Hot Dog Day to Home and School Dues! 

Paying Made Easier

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